A rrrrreally important message if you're shopping hansel!

Hi! This is Jo Soh - the creator and designer of hansel.

This is really important to know: The hansel and hello hansel labels are discontinued and no new stock will be produced. This is a clearance sale where all goods are priced to clear. All sales are final and Hansel will not be accepting refunds, returns and/or exchanges. 

Please read "If you receive an incorrect or defective item".

If there is anything that the information on this site does not cover, I will be happy to answer your queries as I want you to be satisfied with your purchase of an original hansel design! 

Please read "Product information".

I normally respond promptly but please do be patient with me if I don't, as running this online store (and the showroom and the ad-hoc fair booths) is a one-woman show (on top of a full-time job)!


You can send messages via

Email: enquiry@ilovehansel.com

hansel Facebook Page private messages: @ilovehansel

hansel Instagram direct messages: @josoh_hansel